Single? no worries… Bagel is there

Your own Hot European coffee date for every morning.

Whenever your man tells you that he is having a coffee
and is alone, he is lying to you. Actually, he is with
another hole and that too European (Lucky Bastards!).

Whatever you are thinking, I am talking a Bagel (from the
start…Geez!). Today, a coffee with bagel has replaced
morning breakfast and midday meals of many
Quebecois. Also, on popular demand Quebecois in
Montreal have developed their own version of caffeine
husbands, and along with Poutine and Patisseries (more
about it in next blog), this fluffy puppy is taking its grip on
tourists visiting Montreal.the most famous place is St-Viateur Bagel

The old tradition of good o’l American Breakfast is
having a healthy run with this Jewish food mark and the
“Bed tea and Cakes” of English is being eaten slowly
(Sure!) by our ‘Hot Polish Mistress’(not mine though..or
maybe) but still their afternoon “tea and pie” are intact

If you ever find yourself in morning or in afternoon at
one of the Red’s, you would obviously find 2 out of 4
standing in queue going for an everything bagel with cream
cheese. (Eating healthy, are we?) Basically, your all-day

spongy craving is made from seasoned Wheat Flour, salt,
water and yeast(obviously!). In Montreal(Thanks to our
Jewish Community), along with the basic recipe basic
bread flour or other flours containing high amount of
gluten is used to give it the desired shape and texture
(and to get us out of shape!!). Thereafter your everything
“Tummy out” or pizza “Glute” is prepared.

The Quebecois prefer to have their bagels with large
holes (ahm ahm!) and sweeter (Oo!! Sugary) to be their
coffee dates, while New-Yorkers are more serious about
their coffee times, they like theirs less sweet and less…
umm holly (Molly). Some (Americans) even prefer to
roleplay with their “everyday stands” by adding salmon
and cheese to their Hot Coffee Partners (Exotic!!)

Many Bakeries have switched their multiple product
sales to single line executive and have successfully
flourished not only in Montreal but also in entire Canada.
This caffeine mistresses may not have their own food
fests (Lucky we!) but surely there have been bagel fights
in past to determine which city excels at the art of
“getting its people fat in the morning itself” (no offense
people!!) and if I am writing with such fam about it,
guess the results.(That does not mean we, Quebecois are
more fat!).

Whether you are skipping your midday meal, fulfilling
your midnight cravings (no offense couples!) or getting
on your early morning Project meets, your one hand will
be holding coffee and your other will be comforting your
Jewish Mistress (of your own choice!!).