A North American Gentleman’s Morning Consort.

A gentleman and a consort, I am not kidding (or maybe…). If
you by any chance are an early morning bird and find
yourselves craving for a coffee (of course, it is who else can
woo a gentleman??) you will find every respectable gentleman
of the area waiting for their chosen black mistress over their
wives (no offense ladies!!) to give them a good morning kiss.
First off, I took a little break from here, I had some personal
endeavors to chase, but we are back on track, I am really sorry
(I am definitely not).

Whenever you think about coffee, the first word comes to your
mind would be a “Tim Hortons” (no offense STAR). Are you
guys having a secret ingredient or special sugar?? Which keeps
us (unfortunately me too) addicted to your black-brown sugar-
ladies?? Whatever the time of the day, however bad your
mood is, their coffee always soothes you (Ladies you got some
competition). The first touch of a steaming hot black coffee in a
chilling winter morning……. (sorry, it got snow in my mind)
Or a sip of a Frappuccino in a hot summer afternoon……

You can have a different hot mistress every morning. There is
French-Vanilla, Double-Double, Triple-Triple… (oh boy).

Also, you can have your hot Classic American Latte, or else you
can have the supreme goddess of all coffees- “The Black
Coffee” it infuses you with so much caffeine in just a single cup
that you can complete a triathlon after drinking it (I might have
tried that) and the iced cappuccinos are always there to keep
you stable in a hot summer noon. In that too, they have options
that every other person in a queue gets dumb while choosing
one from them (not me).

The sound of crushing ice into your coffee, milk and sugar is a
pure bliss to beat the heat. And when the ask “which pick” we
(not I) get even dumber just like that starring at their faces and
to the menu screen (personal observation not personal
“experience”) and at last you answer with either an Oreo or
French-Vanilla or double-double(I should try that) or a triple-
triple or a iced Capp late or…… (Man, winter is coming)
Sorry, missing warm summer.

All-in-all, ladies you need to work on your kissing, because your
gentlemen are preferring either a hot kiss or a cold French-kiss
from their “other consorts” which by the way they are paying
for it (This Much Insult???) to wake them up or to relax
themselves mostly (it is mostly.).

image source: google images


Poutine: Amazing or Horrible?

Greasy Food for your Mood Swings.

Poutine!!!The word itself says to pout, however bitter
your mood might be, just by thinking about this food lifts
your heart and brings water to your mouth. It belongs to
that class of food family which melodramatically says,
”Yes, we are there to satisfy bellies of every other class.”

Today this Roadside Romeo represents Canada (along
with the Canadian flag of course!!) and Quebec is never
more proud to announce to the world that originally ,
they invented this all time favorite side/main course
(depends on your mood).Though, the no one goes for
“The Classic” now-a-days(except for vegetarians, no
offense guys!).Many food trucks and stands have been
successful in luring the flow of tourists , by making this
unhealthy benefactor their main flow of business.
Menu card very famous fast food chain present in
Canada is incomplete without their own version of
Poutine. Even some local restaurants became fast food
franchises just because of this Greasy Devil, if we take a
look at Smoke’s Poutinerie . Restaurants like “La
Banquise” have established their enterprises in Montreal
and Quebec by selling as much as 30 different types of
Poutines a day.

Ever imagined a game of ice hockey in winter without a
hot sizzling Poutine? You can have our own Varity of
sauce, your own pick of cheese and your own made of
potato fries, of course with your choice of
veggies(seriously?) and meats(yum!). Even powerful
personas and celebrities are in the grasp of this sickly
crisp thing (my! my!). President Barack Obama got his
first taste of poutine on his first stately dinner with Prime
Minister Justin Trudeau, since then he is picking on each
poutine he comes across(no offense sir!).
Many major events have received this cuisine as their
guest of honour(O!cheesy!!).Many Canada Days has
witnessed large sale of Poutines in multiple famous
public places of United Kingdom and London.

Some famous food critics have different opinion
regarding the birth of Canadian’s all time favorite
comfort food. They opine that this food item like Canada
is closer to its European roots, so it might not be a
Canadian thing, maybe there is some truth maybe there
is not, we are all too busy getting ourselves fat on this
Cheese demon rather than worrying about a Nobel price
for food invention. And even if it might the truth , still we
are the one holding poutine festival every year with more
and grandeur than ever.

Localities of Quebec and especially of Montreal have
played a major role in making poutine a worldwide dish
from a local cuisine. In their habit of not preparing lunch
and eating out every other day, their mostly agreed
choice turns out to be poutine(on popular demand!!)