An Angel of Devil.

Lucifer Morning-star, born in heaven, ruler of hell, ultimate king of all evil entities, is the only one who is keeping in check all the evil letting loose from hell on humanity.

Today many people consider giving themselves to “The Satan’s Cult”, they have been performing various sacrifices in his name. The “Good One’s” consider him the ultimate embodiment of evil, father of all demons, prince of lies. Instead of sacrificing and doing unspeakable things in his name, we should try to question our own faith, we should try to find a reason for his actions, after all like him, we all are also God’s children. In our own judicial system, how can a judge in our judicial system be responsible for our own law breakings or how can he/she encourage a human to act as a criminal?

He is God’s favorite son. But he is different from all other angels. So, he did what abnormal people do, he rebelled instead of following his father blindly. And God did what we normal people do with different people, he banished him from heaven, his home and casted him to hell permanently. The Hell which represents everything inverse of his father’s creation.

Which is built to punish human kind (God’s most favorite creation). Just imagine the turmoil he must be in, the chaos that would be running rampant in his heart and mind.

He is there for human kind, but it is always us to portrait him as evil. He is the Devil, not evil.

He is not encouraging us to perform evil deeds in his name, nor to form a cult in his name for defying his father. He is not responsible for our choices. It is always in our hands to push ourselves harder and choose the correct path or to succumb to the easy but evil path. He is always there to deliver the right punishment for our own wrong choices.

Heaven and Hell is always within us. If we choose the correct option then its fruits are always from heaven, but if we get used to with the wrong preferences then its consequences are always chaos for us. To understand The Devil better imagine yourself being framed for a crime you didn’t commit.

Church preaches that if there is God then there is always Satan. Why don’t we question it, instead of ringing yes in their yes? Although, there is a “Devil’s Bible” from dark ages which proclaims the evil deeds of Lucifer. But it is a tome from the ages when science and reasoning was considered to be instruments of evil. At that time religion and faith were two main businesses for church for cashing money. So they required an entity to keep their devotees in fear of Heaven and Hell. We still have that fear, today not a single devotee of any religion loves his or her deity, they either fear them or fear their so called “Archenemies” depicted in out dated books.

The belief of Lucifer is one such out dated practice of fear which is still active in this atomic age. Free yourself from this fear of good an evil. Listen to your soul, to your mind. The correct choice is always there,

We just require the courage to follow it without thinking of consequences. Just as Lucifer did, when he rebelled against his own father, whether it was for the throne or for any unknown reason. We should always observe that our religion itself preaches for keep trying, rather than surrounding yourself from doubts of your own actions. If your religion drags you to entertain such notions, atheists are really lucky than.