A furry critter’s support system!!?

For your god’s shake people, stop enjoying someone’s
tail as your dessert! (just kidding). Beaver’s tail, I am
talking about the infamous Ontario based patisserie.
Unless of course you decided to change your diet to

Whether you are visiting the old port of Montreal for the
first time or you become a regular runner there, you are
likely to be tempted by the devilishly sweet aroma of this
deep-fried monster (well… calorie
matters…sometimes!), and the long queue of
people(they are always there!!) waiting for their
whole-wheat dough to be float-fried in Canola oil and
then combined with Banana-Chocolate
spread(Heaven…!),Oreo-Vanilla, Triple-Trip(double
chocolate and butter),Lemony Sunrise, Apple Cinnamon,
and Cheesecake Avalanche and Classic Cinnamon and…….
yum. Sorry, got wayward… but the gist is the options
these people provide are worth waiting in queue for your
“Sweet Beaver (‘s tail…. of course, )” and end up
getting confused that too on the counter !!

Initially, Classic Cinnamon got “People’s Choice of Taste”,
it is just a simple bugger with some sugar and cinnamon

sprinkled on top of a plain dog. As the tails got famous,
they expanded their options (for confusing us
more!!!!) Banana and Nutella took over.
It’s the ancient combination of Banana with chocolate
spread on your deep-fried flat bagel(oops!!).
As time went by, other flavors got added into their
menus, such as Oreos crumbled with Vanilla spread
(tempting!) Apple slices with Cinnamon spread on your
“Soft Tails” also you have SKOR “extra” cheesecake on
your “chewy base”, Lemon, Sugar and Cinnamon spread
is always there on your “Wheat Pastry” to satisfy your
tangy buds. Last but not least M and m’s combined with
Reese’s and peanut butter (Triple Heaven!!) still holds
the pitch of “Sugar Daddy”(OOO!!!).

Just like poutine, this patisserie also gives Canadians a
strong foot (or strong taste) in international
Today the United States, the United Arab Emirates,
Mexico, France and Japan have pastry shops and road-
side stands to satisfy their people’s sweet tooth for these
savory dogs. Since 2002, the headquarters and
management of “Beaver Dogs” have shifted from Ontario
to Montreal, Quebec (well done Quebecers!!) and
became “Queues de Castor” and they have established

themselves as a leading food-franchise since then. Also,
they have expanded in developing multiple range of ice-
creams, gelatos and cold-drinks. On President Barack
Obama’s first inaugural visit to Parliament Hill, he
stopped in ByWard market to get a Beaver’s Tail.
Canadians of course, using their exquisite intellect
renamed Beaver-Tail to “Obama Tail” in honor of the
then American President (well, we are Canadians, we
give people tail to honor them…. !!)

Now if you have drooled enough on the flavors
mentioned above, get out(no offense) and get
yourself one of the “Extra Extra Large Doughnuts” on old


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